about us

  • Experience a unique social phenomenon

    The Kings Head Pub is British-owned and operated for over 25 years. The British Pub has long since made its mark on history. Even today, pubs remain communal places where visitors can feel welcome and leave their worries at the door. A wide variety of people meet on common ground at local pubs to share their common love of beer.

  • "Go for a pint" the right way

    In Britain, the expression "to go for a pint" means to go for a drink and is usually understood to mean a visit to a pub. The pint, or 20 fluid ounces, has been derived from an ancient measure used for corn and has proven to be the perfect quantity of beer.

    When two British people meet together at a pub, each has to buy the other "a round," meaning a drink. These drinks are paid for as they are served so that no drinker can forget to pay his or her tab at the end of the night.

  • The mystique of British beer

    There are two types of beer in the world, the British kind and the kind that everyone else drinks. Over one hundred and fifty years ago, an English monk journeyed from one town to the next to share a newly discovered yeast in order to bring the world the fine, upright beers of Munich and Pilsner.

    Beer consists of four basic ingredients: barley, hops, malt, and yeast. The beers of Amsterdam, Brussels, Melbourne, and even Milwaukee are all of the same yeast. British beers feature a different yeast fermented at the top, whereas other countries ferment yeast at the base of the brew.

    The British ferment their beer at a warmer temperature than most countries. Beer tastes best and most fully expresses its flavour when served at the same temperature at which is was fermented, British beer is served warmer than the rest of the world.